Design Thinking

Transit Biomimicry

Canadgoose_webBiomimicry introduces an era of learning from nature. 
For me biology-to-design approaches are an innovative human design challenge. It´s about identifying the core function and then reviewing
how organisms in nature or ecosystems archive those fuctions. For example, self-cleaning surfaces use the geometric shape of the lotus flower
on a nano level to keep dirt particles from the surface. Personally, it´s more important to gain a deeper understanding of how nature works 
rather than bringing it´s function into a product.
This is a revolutionary path to the future that responds to the limit of growth we all must accept anyway.
In this project we wanted to take biomimicry further than merely mimicing the natural form by going deeper and understanding the system and 
problem, instead mimicing a natrual process we wanted to initiate the change.

Transportation with the TTC in Toronto
 Preparatory work for 
Biomimicry Student Design Challenge: Forward Motion 2014
Facing the Problem
In our work we were concetrating on 
the experience of the people using public transportation.
How can riding the subway be a sacred expierience ? 

How can we involve business in a way that they take more responsibility 
for how their workers get to work.
Can a happy passenger be a driver of change for the whole system?

The Driver of change is the user 


Behaviour of the System

When I use the subway I notice that people are in a numb and indifferent state of mind. They are all individuals remaining in the transportation spacetime. In the view of nature mass-transportation is a monoculture. Fast, efficent and abundant. Monocultures are fragile, it can not prevent problems on their own. To survive it needs influence from outside. Diversity is the way nature works effectively. The succession of an ecosystem is an adaptive cycle. Monocultural escape

Opportunities to Harness



  Emergant Platform

The emergant indicator of our system is happiness.

In order to create community we want to incorporate business.

A Partnership between companies and the transitsystem would create a more human commute for working people.
The agency for this quality experience is the Toronto Transit Foundation.
 How the TTF works

Inspired by philantropic engagement we want to envolve companies to get money for the TTF,
 but the TTf itself is economicly independent.

TTF is a Platform where the user has the possbilities to vote on a database that´s predefined from TTF.
The Databese will be fed from live streams, arts, proposals.

The mission is to inspire and encourage creativity. 


We are going to 
harvest and sustain information.
This is just the mutual harnessing 
stage of an adaptive cycle.
The people should recognize 
their influence and 
release, reorganize 
and continue in a bigger change.

The creativity intrinsic to humans
is a force to make artistic experience 
possible and build community,
even deep underground.
The Function operates
like a direct democracy.
People can vote and give proposals 
for how they want to be carried by the TTC.