About Me



Design is about critical thinking. Questioning things has a big impact on my work and is part of my character. 
Production is not an end in itself. In my opinion it always has to be situated in a critical context. Specificly, how
we want our future to be. 

Most of my work tackles problems and tensions of everyday life and raises the question of how we want to live our lives.
A lot of my work deals with the topic of 'growth'.
As a person you grow with every challenge you take. You grow with all the experiences you have in life. As long as one 
keeps learning, one continously grows. 
The idea of sustainability is very important for my life. I try to orient my thoughts, concepts and my choice of
materials around this idea. I like to work both conceptually and manually. I enjoy working in teams. Usually I find 
myself in coordinating and overviewing positions. Discovering new materials, new working techniques and working out 
new ways to use them is the best part of my studies. So far I have experience in CNC carving, 3D Printing, 3D modelling, 
interface programming (Processing) and execution with Arduino.
I also like and use traditional handcraft. So far I have worked with wood, metal, plastic and fabric. 
As an intern I did woodworking, worked in a metalshop and fabricated ceramics.
Continue studying
Treeplanting in Ontario/Canada
Internship with Lichtbau (3 months) in Berlin

Exchange to OCAD University 
Toronto/ Canada
Since 2010 
Study in Productdesign Bachelor 
at the Universität der Künste 

2009- 2010
Bachelor (3 Sem.) in Geography/Geology

Staying abroad in Brasil

Anna-Essinger Gymnasium with degree