MEDIAMATIC / Internship

Bio- Art / Workshops / Lectures / Experiments / Social- platform /

MEDIAMATIC is an outstanding cultural institution in Amsterdam since more than 10 year they get state support for new developments in Art and Design.

Designer, Artist, Projectmanagers  and the Founders are working together on Projects in an coworking atmosphere.

2015 I was part of the Program MYCO-INSULATION. We were aiming for a CO2 neutral production of insulation for a barn. The whole manufacturing chain should be build as learn and trying installation. So that the visitors get hands on and by trying, loose their prejudice against Fungi.

I learned working under sterile conditions by a biologist and got the freedom to try different things for the perfection of the production chain.

The Biotalks and other Events inspired me and gave me knowledge. In the end I decided to work with Mycelium for my Bachelorthesis.