BASIS Utopia – Utopias for Fungi uses

BASIS Utopien is the idea part of the Project BASIS. The Concepts are further ideas how Fungi could be used as an tool for growing your own Medicine, as a structure for social interaction or growing Mycelium as a join for different material in households.



Is giving the user the opportunity to grow it´s own Medicine for some decease, to be less constructed to the Pharmaindustie.

There is a variety of medical uses of  mushrooms. I was researching them and made character cards to introduce their properties. It would be possible to grow them in the BASIS.



Mycelium is a network of small fibers, which are spreading and bundle to get an extensive network of nutrient supply and even information exchange. It can be cut off in any point and will grow back to the same volume, if their are enough nutrients. The idea was to use this quality as a metaphor for a social network using mycelium. Using it´s material and understanding it´s function in nature to use it as a foundation for social thinking.

It´s growing potential is enormous and it can be used as a building material. This makes architectonic interventions possible.

The Intervention would be possible for a city quarter to build their own social centre. School classes could come for a few months, learn working in a LAB and about Mycelium. In the end there is a communal process with a communal output.