Portable but not portable

The origin of the chair
What has furniture been doing to us?
What are the various ways we use furniture?
Why did we invent furniture?
These are questions i asked myself 

as an approach to built this chair.
In the process of building and thinking of the chair,
for me the line between design and art become blurred.

In my opinion humans invented the chair to be used as a throne.

Especially in the 17th century furniture was a symbol of power

 so we surrounded ourself with status symbols.
As you still can see in the third world, indigenious people don´t have much furniture,
they are squating on the groud. What physiologily is better for our posture.
My thoughts always circled arround Nomads as a first life form
and what we may will be again in the future.
The typical chair has 4 legs and a lean,

 we sit on our bud and get support on the back.

It is remarkable that we didn´t found an other way of sitting till now,

does that mean it´s the best way to rest our legs what we basiclly do when we sit down.

Portable but not portable
I wanted my chair to be always carryable. 
The shape of the seat should allow you to sit in various possitions.
He should be handcrafted and out of a natural material.

The concept is simple.
The legs get pluged in and will hold by pressure.
If you lift the seat the legs will fall out.
Than he is small and easy to transport.
The seat has different angle so i desided to use veneer. To get a 3 dimensional form i built a mold and used the technic of vacuum forming.

 Portable_work_8webPortable_work13web Portable_work_10web 

The legs are turned on the wood lathe. With a conic top. These match with the coned koles in the seat. The legs are set in an angle to the seatplate.

Multiple sitting possitions       Portable_sattel_webPortable_collage_2Web