Acid Printer



Acid Printer


  How to produce,
twice, nice.


The acid printer
 is an experiment for the interaction
between a person and a machine. 
You can personalize black boxes in a exciting process 
by bleching them.

The printer has an interaction trackpad 
which is visualizing an interface with processing.
The print get´s mirrowed for the aesthetics.
Arduino is transscrbing the processing picture for
 the physical interaction.

The drawing get´s directly printed. 
so you can not change it once you started.
You can´t see what you draw
till the chemical reaction set´s in.


How to process

Handmade grafics get digitalized and printed in a hole work-flow process.

Post-industrial strategies to customize global produced semi-finished products, 
is a well known and get´s more and more localized because of rapid tooling and digitalization.
The custumor has direct influence to personalize and add value through an interesting process on his product.
 creates an production on demand.
This production at best brings individual aesthetics, econimic and ecological 
Qualities for product and production.
In an experimental cooperation with Modulor/Berlin we got the possibility
 to play with different materials.


At first
 we researched and experimented with acid and paper. 
Cleaning agents, bleaches and standard acids got all treated on paper
and brough interesting results.
We use a strong bleach on black paper cartons.


To transport the liquid we created a pump ( like a dialyses-pump). 


The individual parts we lazercutted out of acrylic, fixed together just with screw 
and controled by a step motor.
Because of the pump we didn´t had to build a 3rd level.