New Horizon


Arts + Architec

I´ve spent a lot of time researching 
retreat spaces and private spaces,
specificly as a response to the infiltration of
the hectic activities of the modern world.

The result 
is a photo work and installation, 
 using childhood memories and documentation 
of my environment.

I realized that we put
 covers over and arround us 
to protect ourself from frinzied surroundings. 
These covers act as a filter for 
overwhelming static,
we must navigate everyday.







New Horizon
on the Dreispitz Platz Basel
We had the opportunity to enter a contest. 
The mission was to design an open space 
at a university campus. 
I incorporated my research
to create a place with privacy and intimacy 
integrated into a larger area. 
The result is a hill
 with a depression on the top,
in the middle of the open space.
The gentle slope is perfect 
for relaxing and enjoing the few.
You may seek shelter inside the hills crater 
and hide yourself away 
by entering a new horizon.